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10:18 am - Wed, Aug 22, 2012
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Who are you voting for? 


Who are you voting for? 

7:50 am - Tue, Aug 7, 2012
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the thing that gets me about the “misandry means women are scared when I stalk them” thing



tw: harassment




is that I’ve had dudes do shit like that to me on multiple occasions

almost always at night, always white dudes who get offended that I am trying to give them a wide berth or avoid them in the street. It’s always these dudes who decide that they are so fucking entitled to dictate where and how I fucking walk on the fucking public sidewalk that they are justified in rushing me, grabbing me, chasing me, in one case circling me tightly so I couldn’t get away, and then fucking laughing at my obvious panic and fear because “omg lighten up, lady!!!!”

like, this is an actual thing dudes do

their solution to women being afraid alone at night is to give them more reasons to be afraid, and then turn around and mock and insult them for being afraid

fucking logic/fucking basic human decency/fucking people

how do they work

yesterday I was at a bookstore with a male friend. I was staring at a shelf; he was just around the corner at a computer the store provides to search their inventory. This is significant because as we stood there, a dude just blows in and says, very loudly and intrusively, “Any good books on this shelf?!” It takes me a moment to realize he’s alone and talking to me. At that point I glance over at my friend, who’s wide-eyed at this guy’s arrogance, and boom, intrusive dude realizes I’m with a ~chaperone~. At this point, I was uncomfortable enough that I walked away. My friend comes after me and says, “Wow, that was weird.”

Of course, I then had to explain it wasn’t weird at all; this kind of thing happens to me all the time when I’m by myself. Men come out of nowhere and demand responses from me, knowing that most women are socialized to stand there and giggle uncomfortably while they impose on their space and time. I used to do that, even though I hated every second of it. We are taught to fear leaving and taught to fear staying, and of course, when we relate these stories, the maliciousness is so subtle and context-dependent that people who weren’t there feel free to assert that we must be overreacting.

What suddenly occurred to me was the sheer depth of the danger inherent in fact that men take care not to do this in front of men who might conceivably be sympathetic towards a given woman. It causes men, even men who are quite decent and aware of sexism, to wonder why they never see these things women keep saying are so common. Not only does it cause us to lose credibility, but it also allows the men who DO act this way to maintain the mental division between “having fun” and being a person who deserves to be feared and avoided.

this is really important commentary so I’m reblogging for the bolded, because:

1. when we talk about sexism making women feel “crazy” it’s important to understand that there really is a sort of mass gaslighting (for lack of a better term) going on; incidents like this are part of that. First you induce fear in someone, then you humiliate them for their fear response, and best of all, the whole thing is so context-dependent that when they try to explain that this happens all the time and is a problem chances are, especially if they are trying to explain this to a dude, they’ll be told they’re over-reacting. That is some fucking systemic abusive behavior.

2. there is a real kind of selective sociopathy at play here. Dudes know on some level that this is not okay, so they hide it from their fellow dudes, but they still get their fucking rocks off over it, they do it for fun. To get enjoyment out of a woman’s terror. And these are ordinary dudes, who just deny deny deny that that is fucked up so much and deliberately avoid situations where they might be told by another dude that it’s fucked up so they can continue to do it. Just. Yeah.

yeahhhhh awesome. I hate humanity. I was born in a cabbage patch. on mars. 

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7:59 am - Thu, Jul 26, 2012
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What is really being sold in a pornographic film? It’s a conception of sexuality that Dworkin identified— it is not just sex on film. It is sex presented in the context of domination and subordination. Pornography does not just eroticize or sexualize male domination over women. It eroticizes racism. It eroticizes every power dynamic that you can imagine. Think of any power dynamic that you know where there is a hierarchy. I can guarantee you that there is a pornographic film that eroticizes that dynamic.

Robert Jensen (via blinko)

male/female, white/poc, employer/employee, parent/child, etc…it is a sick sick industry. 

i haven’t seen any sex-positive feminists defending racism as a valid “kink” yet (funny), but there’s still time.

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edit: i HAVE NOW. nazi kink, for real.

and i read a good argument for the concept of “full-time” “slavery/ownership” in BDSM being inherently racist.

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I have problems with Robert Jensen and they way he essentially speaks over those who are actively trying to change the status quo in porn. Are these problems in mainstream inherent? Damn right. But to go “and that’s why ALL PORN IS BAD,” completely overshadowing the number of people who are trying to make their money and be ethical about it is some bullshit. You cannot put Jiz Lee on the same level as something from Bang Bros. You just CAN’T.

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*Prepares self for a long discussion*. Robert Jensen and I have had many lovely— and by “lovely” I am completely sarcastic and I mean “horrendous”— interactions when I attended a day long discussion/presentation of his. He knows who I am personally and explicitly dislikes me, which is wonderful, because that means I succeeded in calling his shit out, over and over.

There are many legitimate arguments to make about the horrendous racism, sexism, cissexism, etc, in mainstream porn. (I’ll save my arguments for why the eroticizing of power dynamics by and for those oppressed by those power dynamics can be cathartic and positive for a different time.) Regardless of one’s views, I strongly recommend not quoting Robert Jensen to make any arguments.

Three of MANY reasons not to promote Robert Jensen in any form:

1. He is massively transmisogynistic and cissexist. One example is when he verbally attacked and misgendered a trans* woman who was, at the time, also an anti-pornography scholar. (She has since changed her views, but more importantly, this is her description of his transmisogyny in interacting with her.) In a public gathering, when confronted by myself and my friends (having read her post), Jensen OPENLY misgendered trans* women as a whole, tried to COMPLAIN ABOUT HER TO US, and tried to argue that trans* people are upholding patriarchy and gender oppression BY IDENTIFYING AS TRANS*

2. He promotes the criminalization of sex work of ALL FORMS, in ways that have been explicitly stated by sex workers (especially sex workers of color who are already targeted by police) to TANGIBLY INCREASE THE RISK OF HARM AND DEATH IN THEIR LIVES. (i.e. Although Jensen does not promote imprisonment of sex workers themselves, he promotes criminal punishments for johns and those who purchase sex, which sex workers articulate causes the industry to slip farther underground, with riskier, more violent clients the ones most likely to stick around.)

3. Robert Jensen is a rich, white, cis man who claims to know what is best for women, and/or people of color, and/or sex workers. When they disagree, he explicitly says they have a “false consciousness” and are being brainwashed. He literally said this in response to one of my discussion questions about what actual sex workers of color are saying they need. As defined by people who experience these oppressions, Jensen is sexist, racist, transmisogynistic, cissexist, and just plain harmful.

Bonus: Despite claiming to be anti-capitalist, he gets paid top dollar (I promise you, I saw the numbers… a lot of money) to talk about the oppression of women of color without including the perspectives women of color in his talks!

I could go on for hours, but I think that’s enough for now. Jensen’s role model, Andrea Dworkin, was unbelievably racist and cissexist, too, and Robert Jensen is worse.

I recommend Emi Koyama, “a multi-issue social justice activist and writer synthesizing feminist, Asian, survivor, dyke, queer, sex worker, intersex, genderqueer, and crip politics,” for a nuanced, non-criminalizing analysis of the sex industry and intersectional oppressions within it. Her writing on this topic is available on her linked website.

(Edited to add: Forgot to mention, my own personal experience is that I literally had only sat down and introduced myself a minute before when Jensen 1) misgendered me, and 2) started commenting in detail about my physical appearance. This is someone who makes a living talking about objectification.)

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Oh, I remember how he tried to shut you down when he came to our school. He was on some severe bullshit.

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9:34 am - Wed, Jul 25, 2012
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When men are serious, it’s sexy; it implies a commanding personality, someone who’s in control, someone with a backbone. When women are serious, they are bitches or unattractive, humourless hags, in need of sprucing up and “feminising”. How many times have I heard some of the cleverest women I know being called “feminist bitches” simply because they don’t conform to the “nice” girl image? Or, simply because they ask difficult questions and expect serious answers.

Being Nice  (via sashanako)

men are always telling me to “take things less serious.” I feel like if I was a man this would never happen. I’m attracted to strong men, but only the ones who realize my strength makes me no less of a woman.

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5:50 pm - Fri, Jul 20, 2012
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How can there be a war on women when one of them just got promoted to the highest office at Yahoo!? The depressing part is that she’s pregnant and yet still took the position. There is a war, but that war is being waged on good family values. Now I ask you, is it responsible to take on the job of CEO of a billion dollar corporation when you are about to have a child? I think not my friend. Marissa Mayer belongs at home with her baby, not running a company. Her child needs a mother. I know what it is like to be in charge of a company, I ran Bain until 20… ah, 1999. There is no feasible way she can adequately raise her child and be a successful CEO. It’s one or the other.

Willard Mitt Romney

The sad part is that Willard doesn’t even notice he answered his own damn question right there…

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Side note: I love how he trips up on the date he ran Bain at. To people not following that story, in order to distance himself from decisions made at Bain under his leadership he and his proxies have tried to claim he had nothing to do with it after 1999, even though he was the CEO and drew paychecks and flew back for meetings (plus however much business he took care of by phone/email/what have you) for years afterwards.

When he ran for MA governor after years of living and working in Utah, to prove his residency and establish ties to the state for voters he used the fact that he was running Bain during those years as proof. Now that it’s inconvenient, he says he wasn’t… he was happy to draw an executive paycheck but he did nothing for the company. He did nothing since 1999 and “retroactively retired” when he realized that.

It’s such a complete and total lie that he can’t keep it straight on the stump. 

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Is there a source for this?

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10:28 am - Sun, Jul 8, 2012
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I don’t think women are better than men. Men are a lot worse than women, though. Like, there’s not even a comparison. Some people try to say, ‘No, women cause—’ no, NOTHING. It doesn’t even touch the mayhem of male nonsense and violence. The worst thing you can say about a woman is that she’s annoying to a guy. That’s the worst thing. Like, a woman you can say, ‘My mom makes me feel stupid.’ ‘Oh, really? My husband murdered me.’ ‘Kim Kardashian’s annoying.’ ‘Really? Hitler killed everybody.’
2:41 pm - Tue, Jul 3, 2012
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The only state senator from Brooklyn to vote against marriage equality in New York is offering to teach women in his district how to act like a lady “in the 21st century,” including lessons on how to “sit, stand and walk like a model” and “walk up and down a stair elegantly.”

He’ll probably also tell them how inappropriate it is for them to use profanity…or speak at all, for that matter.



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9:49 am - Wed, Jun 27, 2012
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This is how you handle it




Living in this society, yes, there will be books, music, movies, etc. that have problematic themes in them.  Also, there will be actors, singers, performers, etc. that have done and said problematic and hurtful things to marginalized groups.  Some can apologize and change.  But a lot will not (because their aim is only to market themselves to the majority, and they don’t really give a shit about you if you’re marginalized).

Then for some of us, we probably won’t notice the problematic material until later in our lives when we’re more self-aware, then we learn that a lot of crap we like was actually bad for us.

It’s disappointing to find out that a media that you liked or a celebrity that you liked has actually said and/or done hurtful, bigoted things.  It feels like betrayal if you’re a part of that group yourself.  And if you’re not, you just feel dirty continuing to like the problematic media or person.

Lots and lots of feelings surrounding it, I know.  But here are some tips on how to deal:

  • Just calm the fuck down jfc
  • Just listen to what people are saying about the person, and don’t leap out to defend them and interrupt people.  If you do, then you really have to pull back and evaluate how you can be so fucking petty and childish.  Also, expect people to tell you to STFU and call you out for derailing.
  • If you don’t know the context, be brave enough to look it up yourself instead of interrupting conversations and going, “I am a HUGE fan and have been for many years!  I DEMAND PROOF!  STOP YOUR GROWN-UP DISCUSSION RIGHT NOW AND SPOON FEED ME!”
  • If the celebrity/book/movie/etc. hurts a marginalized group you’re a part of, and you want the marginalized group calling the problematic shit out to stop and validate you and your feelings so that you will feel less like a privileged asshole, then guess what?  YOU’RE A PRIVILEGED ASSHOLE!  One of the worst types, actually — a gross, emotionally manipulative one.  You SHOULD feel like one, feel bad about it, and then stop being one if it makes you feel so bad.  Seriously, don’t talk about how mad it makes you and whine about how much you like a certain movie or so-and-so celebrity.  Also, if you are trying to be more aware of your privilege, yet you act like this, you’re failing extremely hard no matter how bad you feel about Dan Savage being an abusive shithead, Lady Gaga being transphobic and racist, Gwen Stephani being a typical racist white lady, etc.
  • If the celebrity/book/movie/etc. hurts a group you are a part of, but you still like the celebrity/book/movie/etc., that’s great!  Now, please just let people talk and share their opinions and don’t try to shut down others or think your voice is more important than anybody else’s.  And if the problematic shit is indeed there, without a doubt, while you can have your own feelings about it, you don’t have a right to tell other people how they should feel.  And if you’re just in denial about it all, then unfortunately, your own internalized stuff is yours for you to deal with.  Go deal with it and let people talk, or better yet, just listen to what people say and think about the media you consume.  You don’t have to make judgments on anything immediately — just think for yourself.
  • It’s not the end of the world, you’re not “evil” for liking the person/media in the first place, up is still up, down is still down, etc.  Seriously, it’s ridic how defensive people can get about these things.  I can understand why — some books, movies, and celebrities have changed my life, too.  There’s no undoing that. But there’s also no undoing the fact that we live in an oppressive society where bigotry is still very much alive and perpetuated through the media and the news.  This is how stereotypes are kept alive, this is why characters are often whitewashed, this is how rape culture hasn’t died yet.  It’s horrible.  You might feel horrible that such a horrible piece of our culture has helped you at one point.  But maybe you should learn not to worship people or put them on pedestals and realize that people, yes, even people you like (!), can do bad things, say bad things, write bad things, direct bad things, etc. that really, really hurt people.  That’s on them.  But it should be on you to see the problematic behavior, deconstruct it, and see it for what it is instead of losing your shit over it.  You can take parts of the good yet acknowledge and condemn the bad.  You can still like an idea behind a movie yet hate a bigoted actor who’s in it.  You can still like music from a certain performer yet realize they’re -ist assholes.  That’s totally possible to do.  Not everything is all-or-nothing or “black-and-white.”  Everybody has the ability to be perceptive, so ffs, work on your own perception.  But if you shut down marginalized people calling shit out, then you ARE a bad person.
  • And really, if finding out that something you like is -ist, oppressive, or bigoted completely destroys your foundation, then the person who called it out to begin with should pat themselves on the back for a job well done.  And you should try to have a stronger foundation for your principals and morality instead of building it around a celebrity.  For example, if Lady Gaga is the sole reason why you’re supportive of the LGBTQ community (and yes, lol I’ve heard this), then you find out she’s problematic, and that just changes EVERYTHING for you, then actually, you don’t give a shit at all.  If that hurts your feelings and you want to scream at me, do two things.  Go back and read the first point then the rest of this post, then go look up Lady Gaga and her transphobia and racism.  Also realize LGBTQ should (doesn’t, but should) include trans* people and PoC.

For the balcony.

You’re welcome.

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White women make 79 cents to the white man’s dollar.

Women as a whole make 77 cents to the white man’s dollar.

African American women make 69 cents to the white man’s dollar.

Latina women make 57 cents to a white man’s dollar.

But the wage gap doesn’t exist, guys! /sarcasm

Check out some facts, y’all.

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11:17 am - Wed, Jun 20, 2012
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What sport does Lauren Sesselmann play? Soccer? Really? This has got to be a joke. She needs to be a volleyball star instead. Too much clothing in soccer for her.
The 15 most insanely sexist things in Bleacher Report’s insanely sexist ranking of female Olympians. (via think-progress)

(via think-progress)

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