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11:47 am - Fri, Jun 22, 2012
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GP, Palatka plan ‘St. Johns River Wetlands Center’ downtown

Palatka and Georgia-Pacific officials on Wednesday unveiled conceptual plans for an environmental education center to be located near the city’s riverfront.

During a reception at the Price-Martin Community Center, Palatka Mayor Vernon Myers told about 30 people the new St. Johns River Wetlands Center would be a stand-alone building at the corner of St. Johns Avenue and Memorial Drive.

"The center is conceptual in design at this time, and in the ensuing months, your city and GP will work with experts and members of the community to develop the scope of this showpiece project as well as the education curriculum of the center," he said.

The facility will provide residents with information about the history and ecology of the St. Johns River, he said.

Myers said Palatka would provide the land where the center will be located and GP will pay for the entire project.

"The city of Palatka will facilitate and oversee the construction of the building including the request for financial qualification process," he said. "Once completed, Georgia-Pacific will endow the wetlands center to the city of Palatka."

The city will own and operate the facility with the use of part-time volunteers, he added.

"Georgia-Pacific will work with the community and others to develop the environmental educational material and ensure future material meets the prescribed mission of the facility," he said.

Myers thanked the company for choosing to put the new center in Palatka near the riverfront.

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Now for my thoughts on this project… 

1. An environmental education center is a wonderful idea, but not when sponsored and proposed by Georgia Pacific (a Koch Brothers owned subsidiary). 

2. The GP plant in Palatka is currently building a 4 mile pipeline for the specific purpose of dumping it’s industrial waste into the St. Johns River just a couple miles north of the proposed education center.

3. The town of Palatka has been trying for years to get a developer to come up with a comprehensive plan for a large tract of riverfront property stretching from U.S. 17 southward at the foot of the downtown area. Any developers plan will now have to work AROUND this center. GP chose a piece of property directly in the middle of the tract, rather than one end of it. This will make it even more difficult for the town to find a developer that will be willing to finance their own project.

The area outlined in blue is the area that Palatka has asked developers to submit plans and bids for. Just three weeks ago, the bidding process was begun again. Now, this week, they have allowed GP to select the area in red (that building was demolished and no longer exists as of 2 years ago), right in the middle of the area that they are requesting bids on. 

Yes, Palatka, I realize that GP provides jobs for some of your citizens, but they also are currently and will continue to be a major polluter of the local environment. The proposed environmental education center is a ‘smoke screen’ to divert attention from the pollution going on just north of it.

It is pure propaganda in a prime location. ~SP.A.m

Ahh, Florida, where the only things that ever change are the names of the polluters and corrupt politicians. Who needs a clean water system or ethical environmental practices?

6:06 pm - Sat, Jun 16, 2012
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Koch brothers: Inside the Koch World convention -

The Koch brothers’ political operation has increasingly come to resemble its own political party — and later this month in San Diego, it will hold what amounts to its most ambitious convention to date.

Many of the dozens of rich conservative invitees are expected to write huge checks to a pool of cash distributed among Koch-approved groups, potentially boosting the Kochs’ 2012 spending plan beyond their historic $395 million goal. And it’s also a chance for the Kochs to show off their increasingly robust political machine, including a growing voter database project called Themis that played a major role in conservatives’ recent efforts in Wisconsin and in which POLITICO has learned Koch operatives have discussed investing $20 million.

It’s part of an ambitious expansion of the billionaire brothers’ political operation that includes the recruitment of new donors and fundraisers into their network by a development team led by summit emcee Kevin Gentry, and their recent hiring of in-house political operative Marc Short to oversee the spending of funds raised at the summits.

The expansion is also reflected in Charles and David Kochs’ bid to take over the libertarian Cato Institute as well as their operations steering cash to groups that aren’t commonly thought of as Koch affiliated. The 60 Plus Association, American Energy Alliance, American Future Fund, Americans for Limited Government and National Right to Life have all received funds through the Koch donor network.

9:57 am - Fri, Apr 27, 2012
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Time Magazine just released its annual list of the 100 most influential people in America, and for the gala, invited Stephen Colbert to speak (he’s on the list). Because it wouldn’t be accurate reporting if Time hadn’t included at least one of the Koch Brothers, who are influencing American politics to become ever-right with their deep coffers, David Koch is also on the list—and Colbert took the opportunity to point it out. From his speech, over at Time:

Of course, all of us should be honored to be listed on the TIME 100 alongside the two men who will be slugging it out in the fall:  President Obama, and the man who would defeat him, David Koch.

Give it up everybody.  David Koch.

Little known fact — David, nice to see you again, sir.

Little known fact, David’s brother Charles Koch is actually even more influential.  Charles pledged $40 million to defeat President Obama, David only $20 million.  That’s kind of cheap, Dave.

Sure, he’s all for buying the elections, but when the bill for democracy comes up, Dave’s always in the men’s room.  I’m sorry, I must have left Wisconsin in my other coat.

I was particularly excited to meet David Koch earlier tonight because I have a Super PAC, Colbert Super PAC, and I am — thank you, thank you — and I am happy to announce Mr. Koch has pledged $5 million to my Super PAC.  And the great thing is, thanks to federal election law, there’s no way for you to ever know whether that’s a joke.

By the way, if David Koch likes his waiter tonight, he will be your next congressman.

Read all of Colbert’s remarks here.

12:21 pm - Mon, Feb 20, 2012
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We’re helping him, as we should. We’ve gotten pretty good at this over the years. We’ve spent a lot of money in Wisconsin. We’re going to spend more.
David Koch, talking about his support for Scott Walker. (via wisconsinforward)
4:50 pm - Tue, Nov 8, 2011
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Koch brothers are close to launching a nationwide database connecting millions of Americans who share their anti-government and libertarian views

The network is called “Themis.”

The database will bring together information from a plethora of right-wing groups, tea party organisations and conservative-leaning thinktanks. Each one has valuable data on their membership – including personal email addresses and phone numbers, as well as more general information useful to political campaign strategists such as occupation, income bracket and so on.

By pooling the information, the hope is to create a data resource that is far more potent than the sum of its parts. Themis will in effect become an electoral roll of right-wing America, allowing the Koch brothers to further enhance their power base in a way that is sympathetic to, but wholly independent of, the Republican party.

"This will take time to fully realise, but it has the potential to become a very powerful tool in 2012 and beyond," said the new technology specialist.

Source: The Guardian

10:44 am - Fri, Nov 4, 2011
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Teaparty Patriots™ or Koch-funded religious whiners? You decide.

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Koch Products to Boycott:

Georgia-Pacific paper products and envelopes

Angel Soft toilet paper

Brawny paper towels

Dixie plates, bowls, napkins and cups

Mardi Gras napkins and towels

Quilted Northern toilet paper

Sparkle napkins

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1:27 pm - Mon, Oct 31, 2011
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Detailing the Koch Brothers’ Influence on Environmental Politics | The Washington Independent


Koch Industries Inc. isn’t just in Kansas anymore, Toto.

The nation’s second largest private company and its subsidiaries are also in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Texas and just about every other state in the nation. But the locale where Koch Industries is making its presence felt the most isn’t a state at all. It’s Washington, D.C.

The Wichita-based conglomerate has spent a fortune lobbying for its oil, gas, mineral and chemical interests this past decade while bankrolling the campaigns of sympathetic congressmen. It has paid special attention to lawmakers that make up the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Koch Industries is diversified — it manufactures household staples such as Angel Soft toilet paper, Brawny paper towels, Dixie cups, Lycra fabrics and Stainmaster carpets — but its main investment is in oil.

While the influence of Koch Industries has been ongoing for years, it wasn’t until after 2008 that it captured mainstream attention for the tornado of dollars it funneled into campaign coffers as the Democrats — buoyed by House, Senate and White House control — pushed for cap and trade. What followed was a conservative takeover of the House in 2010 that capitalized on widespread voter frustration with the job-hemorrhaging economy and the government’s inability to put a stop to it.

In the 2010 elections, Koch Industries and its partners spent tens of millions of dollars to elect politicians who would roll back environmental and financial regulations that benefit their businesses.

The men behind the curtain are Charles and David Koch who, with an estimated net worth of $25 billion a piece, are tied for fourth in Forbes magazine’s annual list of The Richest People in America.

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11:12 am - Wed, Sep 7, 2011
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11:05 am - Tue, Sep 6, 2011
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Exclusive Audio: Inside a Secret Koch Bros. Seminar


“We have Saddam Hussein,” declared billionaire industrialist Charles Koch, apparently referring to President Barack Obama as he welcomed hundreds of wealthy guests to the latest of the secret fundraising and strategy seminars he and his brother host twice a year. The 2012 elections, he warned, will be “the mother of all wars.”

Charles Koch would probably not publicly compare the president of the United States to a murderous dictator. (As a general rule, he and his brother don’t do much politicking or speechifying in public at all.) But Mother Jones has obtained exclusive audio recordings from the Koch seminar, a private event that took place in June at a resort near Vail, Colorado.

Your morning must-read, here.

4:30 pm - Sun, Sep 4, 2011
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…All told, a dozen states have approved new obstacles to voting. Kansas and Alabama now require would-be voters to provide proof of citizenship before registering. Florida and Texas made it harder for groups like the League of Women Voters to register new voters. Maine repealed Election Day voter registration, which had been on the books since 1973. Five states – Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia – cut short their early voting periods. Florida and Iowa barred all ex-felons from the polls, disenfranchising thousands of previously eligible voters. And six states controlled by Republican governors and legislatures – Alabama, Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin – will require voters to produce a government-issued ID before casting ballots. More than 10 percent of U.S. citizens lack such identification, and the numbers are even higher among constituencies that traditionally lean Democratic – including 18 percent of young voters and 25 percent of African-Americans.’
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