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7:47 pm - Sat, Oct 20, 2012
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The Obama “call tool” allows supporters to make cold calls from home, but a local Florida Tea Party leader is using the phone list to pitch Romney. “Think of what we could do if 100 of us did this for an hour each day.”
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See now, THIS is voter fraud.


Black, Hispanic and Elderly Voters Hit With Deceptive Voter Suppression Calls

In an apparent effort to trick voters into not showing up at the polls, several Florida and Virginia voters received calls from unidentified individuals who read the voter’s name, address and party affiliation over the phone and then falsely informed the voter that they can vote by phone. The calls appear to target African-Americans, Spanish-speaking voters and the elderly.

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10:08 pm - Fri, Oct 19, 2012
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1:25 am - Tue, Oct 16, 2012
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Sign the petition to tell Florida to ditch its new race-based academic plan!



Read about Florida’s racist plan here:

This is government-sanctioned racism. This plan sets different expectations and rates of success for students based on race. Not only can this affect funding to schools based on race, which limits education for racial minorities, this also sets up achievement as a product of race and severely lowers the self esteem and the self worth of students, especially hispanic and black students, which have the lowest rates of success, according to this plan.\

Please SIGN and signal boost this! It needs to be stopped!!

here’s a letter to all the superintendents in the state from the Commissioner of Education:

If you want to let the Department of Education know how you feel about the new Strategic Vision, their phone number is (850) 245-0505.


Address: Turlington Building, Suite 1514 
325 West Gaines Street 

Tallahassee, Florida 32399 

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1:07 pm - Sun, Sep 30, 2012
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The number of Florida counties reporting suspicious voter registration forms connected to Strategic Allied Consulting, the firm hired by the state Republican Party to sign up new voters, has grown to 10, officials said, as local election supervisors continue to search their forms for questionable signatures, addresses or other identifiers.

After reports of suspicious formssurfaced in Florida, the company — owned by Nathan Sproul, who has been involved in voter registration efforts since at least the 2004 presidential election — was fired last week by the state Republican Party and the Republican National Committee. The party had hired it to conduct drives in Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina and Virginia.

In Colorado, a young woman employed by Strategic Allied was shown on a video outside a store in Colorado Springs recently telling a potential voter that she wanted to register only Republicans and that she worked for the county clerk’s office. The woman was fired, said Ryan Call, chairman of the Colorado Republican Party.

2:07 pm - Sat, Sep 29, 2012
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Why Isn’t Fox News Covering Florida “Voter Fraud” Story? Hint: It Involves The GOP | Blog | Media Matters for America


For years ago Fox News helped turn ACORN into a dirty word among conservatives by leading an often-hysterical right-wing crusade against the community activist group, charging it time and again with “voter fraud” on behalf of candidate Obama. In order to bloster its flimsy “voter fraud” attacks, the network repeatedly harped on reports that ACORN canvassers had submitted questionable voter registration forms.

Yet this week Fox has shown virtually no interest in covering the unfolding story out of Florida, where the state’s Republican Party has cut ties with a consulting firm accused of handing in more than 100 dubious voter registration forms.

Note that in the unfolding Florida story, the firm in question was paid directly by the Republican Party and is accused of ACORN-like activities. But at Fox News, it’s crickets.

In fact this morning, Brian Kilmeade hosted a Fox & Friends panel discussion about voter fraud. In 2008, the allegation that ACORN submitted questionable registration forms was routinely referred to and condemned as “voter fraud” on Fox. (To this day, Fox treats misaddressed voter registration forms as “fraud.”) But this morning, Kilmeade and his guests made no mention of the fact that the Republican Party was just forced to fire a consulting firm for submitting potentially bogus voter registration forms; forms being reviewed by local law enforcement.

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They’re also working for the GOP in Virginia, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, and Wisconsin. I will bet five racks that they’re doing fraudulent shit in those states too.

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7:19 pm - Thu, Sep 20, 2012

Hot off the press (And heads up, Florida folks)!!

My latest article for Persephone Magazine - why Florida voters should give a big, fat fuck you! to Amendment 8

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Jim Morin/Miami Herald (09/20/2012)


Jim Morin/Miami Herald (09/20/2012)

4:41 pm - Thu, Sep 13, 2012
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The state of Florida has backed down in their attempts to purge voter-rolls of suspected non-citizens. In the settlement of a lawsuit with civil rights organizations, Florida has basically rolled back the entire voter purge, including their initial list of 2,600 ‘potential non-citizens,’ which ended up netting exactly one non-citizen voter, out of the 8.3 million who participated in the 2008 election there.

As per the settlement, Florida will restore to the voter rolls anyone on that 2,600-strong list of ‘potential non-citizens’ who might have been removed. If the county supervisor of Elections cannot confirm their non-citizen status in the recently acquired SAVE database from the Department of Homeland Security, their voting rights will be restored.

In addition, everyone from that list who received a letter stating that they may not be eligible to vote will now receive a new letter, stating that they are registered. The only exceptions to this will be those confirmed non-citizens, of which we so far have 1, though Secretary of State Ken Detzner claims that ‘several’ are being investigated.

Florida Essentially Gives Up on Voter Purge Efforts | Firedoglake (via pantslessprogressive)

Also, Colorado has shut down their voter purge:

In some additional fallout from the failed voter purge efforts, which as NPR described turned up few if any non-citizen voters, Colorado has decided to end its program. The Secretary of State, Scott Gessler, closed down the voter purge effort, citing a lack of time to hold hearings on 141 potential non-citizens between now and November.

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Suck it, Scott. 

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